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add gdpr settings for banner

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......@@ -73,3 +73,32 @@ pagination:
# - vendor/cache/
# - vendor/gems/
# - vendor/ruby/
# GDPR banner settings
banner_title: >-
This website needs some cookies and similar means to function.
banner_text: >-
If you permit us, we will use those means to collect data on your visits for aggregated statistics to improve our service.
banner_accept_text: >-
Accept cookies for aggregated statistics
banner_refuse_text: >-
No thanks, only technically necessary cookies
banner_more_text: >-
More information
doNotTrack_text: >-
Do Not Track is enabled
cookies_expire: 180 # days
siteID: 16
cookieName: lap
accept_all_text: >-
Aggregate statistics cookies accepted
only_necessary_text: >-
Only necessary cookies accepted
path_policy: privacy-policy
timeout_hidebanner: 500 # milliseconds
cookieDomain: '' # track visitors across all subdomains of a given domain; set to * to ignor#
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