Commit 43ce3281 authored by Aaron's avatar Aaron
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bail out early if no ivls in bin

parent 52b83aac
......@@ -343,6 +343,8 @@ bool BedFile::anyHits(string chrom, CHRPOS start, CHRPOS end, string strand,
for (BINLEVEL i = 0; i < _binLevels; ++i) {
BIN offset = _binOffsetsExtended[i];
for (BIN j = (startBin+offset); j <= (endBin+offset); ++j) {
// move to the next bin if this one is empty
if (bedMap[chrom][j].empty()) continue;
vector<BED>::const_iterator bedItr = bedMap[chrom][j].begin();
vector<BED>::const_iterator bedEnd = bedMap[chrom][j].end();
for (; bedItr != bedEnd; ++bedItr) {
......@@ -391,7 +393,6 @@ void BedFile::countHits(const BED &a, bool sameStrand, bool diffStrand, bool cou
// loop through each bin at this level of the hierarchy
BIN offset = _binOffsetsExtended[i];
for (BIN j = (startBin+offset); j <= (endBin+offset); ++j) {
// loop through each feature in this chrom/bin and see if it overlaps
// with the feature that was passed in. if so, add the feature to
// the list of hits.
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