Commit 16d4db0d authored by Neil Kindlon's avatar Neil Kindlon
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Missing file bug223_d.vcf for intersect unit test

parent 0c046ca8
chr1 1 a G <DEL> 70.90 . TOOL=LUMPY;SVTYPE=DEL;SVLEN=-389,-4611;END=253195;STR=+-:4;IMPRECISE;CIPOS=-2,137;CIEND=0,0;EVENT=791255;SUP=4;PESUP=4;SRSUP=0;EV=PE;PRIN;CSQ=intergenic_variant||||||||||
chr1 4 a G <DEL> 70.90 . TOOL=LUMPY;SVTYPE=DEL;END=253195;STR=+-:4;IMPRECISE;CIPOS=-2,137;CIEND=0,0;EVENT=791255;SUP=4;PESUP=4;SRSUP=0;EV=PE;PRIN;CSQ=intergenic_variant||||||||||;SVLEN=-45,800,2
\ No newline at end of file
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