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[BUG] fix compilation errors on CLANG and with pre-installed bamtools libs.

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**Current version**: 2.18.1
Stable release for bedtools were formerly archived on Google Code. Unfortunately, Google Code
Version 2.18.0 (13-Dec-2013)
% bedtools 2.18.0 release
% Aaron Quinlan
% December 13, 2013
Version 2.18.1 (16-Dec-2013)
Fixes that address compilation errors with CLANG and force compilation of custom BamTools library.
Version 2.18.0 (13-Dec-2013)
The Google Code site is deprecated
It looks like the Google Code service is going the way of the venerable Google Reader. As such, we are moving the repository and all formal release tarballs to Github. We have started a new repository prosaically named "bedtools2". The original bedtools repository will remain for historical purposes, but we created a new repository to distinguish the two code bases as they will become rather different over time.
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