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# P3: Incubator failure
This process does not concern LCSB0814 and LCSB1047 in BT2, 3rd floor, room 310 (See "P4: Zebrafish incubator temperature problem").
This process applies in case of problem with temperature or gas (N2 or CO2) levels of an incubator.
1. If after 20 minutes, the trend does not go back to the initial settings.
2. If you suspect an open door, you can ask a security guard to close it (+352 46 66 44 5555).
3. If it is not the problem, come on site to evaluate the situation.
4. If the issue cannot be fixed on site, transfer the samples to another incubator in the same room with the same temperarure and gas setting.
Personal protective equipment
-Lab coat
5. Keep track of what was moved where.
6. Notify the LCSB duty call manager and their back up by email, and fill the "Duty call report form" (
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