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......@@ -16,4 +16,9 @@ The password received from system administrators is only temporal and it **it wi
<img src="/external/img/lums_home-settings.png" height="300px"></br>
1. enter your current password and your new password
<img src="/external/img/lums_reset-password.png" height="300px">
<img src="/external/img/lums_reset-password.png" height="300px"></br>
It is a good practice to use some [password manager] which will not only keep track of your passwords but it can also generate secure passwords for you.
# Private bin
Sending password in text form through various communication channels is not a safe way of sharing it. Using email, instant messengers, SMS or paper results in password being stored for unspecified time making it susceptible to its discovery by unauthorized person.
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