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# Data upload to cloud
Data encryption and hash-check for uploading to UL-LCSB onedrive or owncloud
Data encryption and hash-check for uploading to UL-LCSB onedrive or owncloud from Windows.
| Requirements | Restrictions |
| ------ | ------ |
| Windows 8 or newer (recommended Windows 10) | Recommended for data size less than 100 GB |
| RAM 2GB (recommended 4GB) | If transfer through Aspera is not possible |
| Enough free disc space (data will be duplicated for encryption) | Larger data will take more time to encrypt |
| Administrative rights to install software | |
| Web browser (Firefox, Edge or Chrome) | |
## Install `7zip` for encryption
Download and install `7zip` from [here](
## Install tool for MD5 checksum calculation
1. Search Microsoft Store for `Simple Checksum Calculator` or go to this [link](
2. Install `Simple Checksum Calculator`
## Encrypt your data with `7zip`
1. Right click on the folder to encrypt > 7zip > Add to archive
2. Select following values:
- Archive format: `zip`
- Compression: `store`
- Check `Show Password` box
- Encryption: `AES256`
3. Enter a password and make a copy of the encryption password :key:
4. Click save to save the encrypted zip file
## Calculate the MD5 checksum with `Simple Checksum Calculator`
1. Open `Simple Checksum Calculator` from the start-menu
2. Select `File` tab from the top menu
3. Click on the file icon box in the left panel and load the encrypted zip file
4. Make a copy of the MD5 checksum key :label:
## Data upload
1. Open the `OneDrive` or `ownCloud` URL link that you have received from UL-LCSB contact
2. Upload the encrypted zip file
3. After the upload completion, open [UNILU privatebin](
4. Paste the **encryption password :key:** and **MD5 checksum :label:** in the Editor box and press send
5. Copy the privatebin URL and send it your UL-LCSB contact through email
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