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## Index
* [Exchange data with collaborators](./external/exchange-channels/)
* [Git clients](./external/git-clients/)
* [LUMS account](./external/lums-passwords)
* [Markdown markup language](./external/markdown/)
* [Password management](./external/passwords/)
* [Reset UL password with a Mac](./external/passwords/mac-reset)
* [Registering human-subject data to DAISY](./external/daisy/)
* [VPN-Cerbere](./external/vpn-cerbere-access/)
* [Installing-Owncloud-Client](./external/installing-owncloud-client/)
* git, markdown, and how to contribute to a repository
* [Git clients](./external/contribute/git-clients/)
* [Markdown](./external/contribute/write-markdown/)
* [How to add or edit a howto card](./external/contribute/add-edit-card/)
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