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Merge branch 'rename-handbook-sections' into 'develop'

rename handbook sections

See merge request !208
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......@@ -11,13 +11,11 @@ def line_prepender(filename, line):
def build_link(title, href):
# strip the number of the title
if ('handbook-1-general' in href) or ('handbook-2-additional' in href) or ('handbook-3-annexes' in href):
if ('handbook' in href) or ('handbook-additional' in href) or ('handbook-annexes' in href):
title = re.sub('[0-9.]', '', title).strip()
# remove sym link reference in href
if ('handbook-1-general' in href):
href = href.replace('handbook-1-general', 'handbook').strip()
elif ('handbook-2-additional' in href):
if ('handbook-2-additional' in href):
href = href.replace('handbook-2-additional', 'handbook').strip()
elif ('handbook-3-annexes' in href):
href = href.replace('handbook-3-annexes', 'handbook').strip()
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