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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ When sending passwords to collaborators, it is not advised to use e-mail or inst
### Sending a password
1. 1. Go to [Privatebin @ LCSB]( and type the password you want to share into the Editor tab. You will be asked to enter your LUMS credentials when you click on "Send"<br/>
<img src="privatebin-editor.png">
<img src="../../external/img/privatebin-editor.png">
1. Set expiry period
- For the highest safety measures, sender can allow password link to be used only once so it expires upon first access. This feature can be set by checking **Burn after reading** checkbox.
......@@ -40,15 +40,15 @@ When sending passwords to collaborators, it is not advised to use e-mail or inst
1. You can also enter a password to protect your password link - this should be **different** from the password you are sharing!
1. Click **Send** in right-top corner
- you should be redirected to a page containing the password and password link
<img src="privatebin-link.png"><br/>
<img src="../../external/img/privatebin-link.png"><br/>
1. Share the **link** with your collaborator via your favorite communication channel
### Receiving a password
* You have been provided a link to website where your new password is stored. (This link can be protected by yet another password you might be asked to enter.)
<img src="privatebin-password.png"><br/>
<img src="../../external/img/privatebin-password.png"><br/>
* If you see following:
<img src="privatebin-expired.png"><br/>
<img src="../../external/img/privatebin-expired.png"><br/>
* You have either entered the wrong/incomplete link - try copy-pasting the link into your browser instead of clicking on it - or
* your password link has already expired. In that case you will have to request a new link.<br/>
**Warning!**: If the password link was set with one access only (**Burn after reading**) and you are sure that you haven't accessed the link so far, you should notify the password sender because there is a chance that your communication was intercepted and someone accessed the link before you.<br/>
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