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# HARRENHAL access
HARRENHAL is a gateway to provide our external collaborators access to specific servers that are hosted at the LCSB via a web browser.
## How to access HARRENHAL website ?
With your favorite web browser go to [HARRENHAL](
<img src="img/login_01.png" height="300px"><br/>
## First time on HARRENHAL
1. Enter your credentials
* Username - firstname.lastname
* Password - Temporary password provided by Sysadmins
* Click **login**
<img src="img/login_02.png" height="300px"><br/>
2. Reset your temporary password
* Enter the new password that you want to use.
* Enter a second time the new password to confirm.
* Click **continue**
<img src="img/login_03.png" height="300px"><br/>
3. Configure the two-factor authentication
* Scan the QR code with your favorite two-factor authentication app. Or click **show** to display the TOTP key.
* Enter the 6-digit authentication provided by your two-factor authentication app.
* Click **continue**
<img src="img/login_03.png" height="300px"><br/>
**Note**- Do not forget to backup your two-factor authentication app account or the TOTP key. And keep it secret.
## Login to your HARRENHAL account
Once you successfully complete the password reset and the two-factor authentication enrollment processes, you can login at any time to your HARRENHAL account.
1. Enter your credentials
* Username - firstname.lastname
* Password - Password you have set
* Click **login**
<img src="img/login_02.png" height="300px"><br/>
2. Enter your two-factor authentication code
* Authentication Code - provided by your two-factor authentication app.
* Click **continue**
<img src="img/login_05.png" height="300px"><br/>
### Your HARRENHAL homepage
When you successfully login, your homepage will look like
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