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# How to add or edit a howto card
This shows how to use Visual Studio Code to write a howto-card:
## Step 0: Update your local copy of your fork
Please update your fork first, by View > Command Palette and searching for 'Git: Fetch from all remotes'.
## Step 1: Create a new Branch
For each how-to card, it is strongly recommended to create a new branch.
- click on:
<img src="visual-code_img_1.png" height="50"> (on the bottom left)
- click on: `create new branch from...`
<img src="visual-code_img_2.png">
- add a name of the branch (e.g., name of the how-to card) and press Enter
- choose `upstream/develop`
<img src="visual-code_img_3.png">
- the new branch is created as can be seen on the bottom left of the screen
<img src="visual-code_img_4.png">
## Step 2: Create a new folder
- To create a new folder, browse to `howto-cards-internal`
<img src="visual-code_img_5.png">
- Then, select the `internal` folder:
<img src="visual-code_img_6.png">
- Click on new folder (the name of the folder should be the name of the howto card). Please only use lowercase letters.
<img src="visual-code_img_7.png" height="60">
## Step 3: Create a new file
- Click on `New file`. Name the file the same as the folder using lowercase letters linked by dashes
<img src="visual-code_img_8.png" height="60">
## Step 4: Write the procedure in Markdown
If you need more details on how to do this, refer to the [corresponding howto-card](.../write-markdown).
## Step 5: Commit your changes
- on the left side click on: <img src="visual-code_img_11.png" height="50" width="50">
- below changes click on:
<img src="visual-code_img_12.png">
stated changes
- add a message (description of your changes) and click "commit"
<img src="visual-code_img_13.png">
## Step 6: Push to git-r3lab
- When you push your procedure for the first time click on the cloud icon:
<img src="visual-code_img_15.png">
- Choose origin/"your gitlab user name"
- Open git-r3lab:
<img src="visual-code_img_16.png">
- To synchronize changes: <img src="visual-code_img_17.png">
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