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# Contribute using Gitlab Web IDE
This shows how to use Gitlab Web IDE to add or edit a howto-card:
Before you start, please make sure that you have the correct access rights to edit the repository.
*Note: If you do not have the rights to edit the repository, you can either ask for permissions by contacting the repository maintainers, or use your own copy of the repository (called a `fork`). Please follow [these instructions]](create-fork) to obtain your copy (fork). You can then [mirror the fork automatically](/cards/contribute:mirror-fork) to keep in sync.*
A clear difference between editing a file in a git-tracked repository compared to a live document is that you can make an edit directly, and then suggesting the change. You can make this edit on your own version (called a `branch`), and then request to merge your changes into the main repository (through opening a `merge request`).
## Select the development version (branch)
Before making an edit, please follow the instructions in the `` file. Often, a standard development scheme is followed. For instance, there is a `master` branch (usually referred to as the stable version of the repository) and a `develop` branch (the unstable development version of the repository). There can also be lots of other versions in the same repository. In order to select the development version (`develop` branch), click on the drop-down menu and select `develop`
<img src="img/img1.png">
The page will refresh and show the repository contents. On the top left of the page, you can see that the `develop` branch has been selected.
<img src="img/img2.png">
## Open the web editor (Web IDE)
You can now open the web editor (integrated development environment or IDE) by clicking on the Web IDE button:
<img src="img/img3.png">
Now, you can make changes to the file you wish. As an example, we will make a change to the file ``. Select the file `` from the list on the left.
<img src="img/img4.png">
Now, edit the file the way you want. For instance. we add a line with `test` in the first section:
<img src="img/img5.png">
*Note: You can see a green line on the left side of it, indicating that a new line has been added. The vertical line turns blue if a line is edited.*
## Committing your change
As already mentioned, a change has to be proposed, and will then be reviewed. The system used is through `merge requests`. Now, as you have edited the file, you can see that on the bottom left of the window, a blue button appeared:
<img src="img/img6.png">
*Note: There is no `Save` button. You save your work by committing changes.*
When clicking on submit, the page changes to display the changes made:
<img src="img/img7.png">
You can see that a green line has been added on the right column. The left column displays the original file (of the `develop` branch).
On the bottom left, you can see a form for committin the change. Here, you have to select `Create a new branch`. This is **important**.
<img src="img/img8.png">
You can also add a specific commit message to label the change properly. The name of the branch is generated automatically. You can, if you want, change it as well.
Then, select `Start a new request` when you are ready to start the submission process and hit the `Commit` button.
## Submitting your merge request
After hitting the `Commit` button, you will be redirect to the submission page for your merge request:
<img src="img/img9.png">
Please make sure that you see that you are proposing to merge your branch (version) into the `develop` branch. This is shown at the top of the page:
<img src="img/img10.png">
You can then fill our the merge request submission form. and select, for instance, an `Assignee`.
Good practice is to select `Delete source branch when merge request is accepted.`
Under `Changes`, you can see the added line:
<img src="img/img11.png">
All that is left now is to submit the merge request by clicking on `Submit merge request`. That is it.
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