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Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax which became very popular in past decade and which nowadays serves as a standard in various digital communication channels.
## Main features of Markdown:
## Main features of Markdown
* It has very simple syntax easy to learn.
* It is already widely used in scientific community.
* It separates content from visual presentation so it allows you to focus on writing, not formatting.
* It is a non-proprietary file format.
* It is powerful - allows to format text with very little effort.
* It is portable - since it is actually plain text, it can be opened by literally all text editors.
* It is machine readable - as simple text, markdown documents can be tracked and version using a versioning system (Git, SVN)
* small file size
* easy to convert to other formats - existing editors and command line tools (e.g. [pandoc]( allows for easy conversion between Markdown and other widely used formats like HTML, PDF, docx, LaTeX, etc.
## Quick reference
Supports Markdown
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