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# LUMS account
In addition to the standard university account, LCSB researchers and external collaborators are provided with the LUMS (LCSB User Management System) account.
This serves for internal authentication for resources provided by the LCSB, e.g. LCSB hosted [GitLab](, LCSB [OwnCloud]( storage or access to virtual machines.
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# Managing your passwords
There are several tools that can be used for password management. Some provide limited (basic) features for free, some require a fee. Below are some password management tools that can be used:
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# <a name="top"></a>DAISY User Guide
# DAISY User Guide
This howto-card is the user guide for the Data Information System (DAISY). If it is your first time with the guide then start with Section **DAISY at a Glance**.
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# Owncloud Quickguide
# Owncloud
**LCSB ownCloud** is a private cloud storage service for the use of LCSB staff and collaborators. It is suitable for exchanging small-sized files (up to 1-2 gigabyte). All communication with the LCSB ownCloud server is SSL encrypted.
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