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# Work remotely
In case you need to work remotely, there are several tools and services that you can use to
stay connected and continue your work:
An important reference is the [list of important links](
## Communication: Instant messaging
One of the recommended tools to communicate is Slack. Each resarch group can sign up for free and
create their own Slack instance:
The BioCore team uses the following:
## Communication: Video conferencing and virtual meetings
If you want to hold online (virtual) meetings, you can do so by logging in to
Cisco Webex Meetings using your university credentials:
From there, you can schedule your own meetings and/or join existing sessions.
## Connecting to the university network
If you want to access the university infrastructure, such as the servers or storage, you can do so by connecting
via VPN: All details are given [here](
## Sharing files
When on-the-go or working remotely, ownCloud is the best way to share and work collaboratively on files:
More details on how to set up ownCloud are provided [here]( You can share your files and folders
directly with your collaborators by following [these instructions](
## Development of code
User Gitlab to develop and share code:
Supports Markdown
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