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# P8.1 Cryo storage BT2
This section describes the procedure in the event of low nitrogen levels in both the cryo storage and cryocyl-120 tanks (BT2, room SS1 003).
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1. If the issue is not the nitrogen level and the temperature cannot be held below -120°C, transfer the content of the cryostorage to the back up -80°C freezer LCSB0709 in the same room, see “P6: Freezer failure back up plan”.
|*Personal protective equipment*|
|Lab coat|
|Safety goggles|
2. If the issue comes from the nitrogen level, verify whether the cryocyl-120 tanks is empty by pressing on “press” on the level gauge panel: in that case, 0% is displayed
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3. If the cryocyl-120 is empty, it needs to be replaced by the liquid nitrogen tank standing in the same room.
* Unplug the black wire (power supply) of the right data logger (FW-Z 0,5) and secure the probe on the dedicated rack on the cryocyl-120 tank.
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4. Close gas valve number 1 on the cryocyl-120 tank.
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5. Unscrew the tubing connected to valve 1 using the wrench available in the duty call toolbox in the gas deposit rooms (Appendix 04)
6. Move the cryocyl-120 tank to the middle of the room
7. Unscrew the tubing connected to the liquid nitrogen tank and place the tank next to the cryo storage tank
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8. Screw the tubing from the cryo storage tank to the “Filling, withdrawal valve” valve (valve 1) of the liquid nitrogen tank using the wrench available in the duty call toolbox in the gas deposit rooms (Appendix 04)
9. Fully open valve 1, then close it back a ¼ turn
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10. Check that the liquid nitrogen percentage of the cryo storage tank increases (wait for 10 minutes)
11. Notify the LCSB duty call manager and their backup by email, fill and fill the [Duty call report form](
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