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# Git clients
## Installation of Git
You can find installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux on the [Git webpage](
Installation instructions are provided [here](
## GUI clients
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# Installation of Git
Several git clients are presented [here](
For most of the git clients, `git` is actually required to be installed on the system. You can find installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux on the [Git webpage](
If you are using Visual Studio Code, and if you want to contribute to a repository hosted on the [LCSB Gitlab](, you will need to verify the host key first before you are able to clone or push to a repository. For this, open a terminal (on Linux or macOS) or Git Bash (on Windows), and type:
ssh -p8022
Then, press Enter and type `yes`. This will add the git-r3lab server to the known hosts on your system.
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<li><a href="external/contribute/git-clients">Git clients</a></li>
<li><a href="external/contribute/install-git">Installation of Git</a></li>
<li><a href="external/contribute/markdown">Markdown</a></li>
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