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Call forwarding

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## Development of code
Use the [LCSB R3 Gitlab]( to develop and share code.
## Forwarding phone calls
If you want to forward phone calls from your office phone to another number, follow these steps:
1. Connect to the university VPN (see instructions above).
2. Go to the phone system management interface on [fred.uni.lux](https://fred.uni.lux/ucmuser/).
3. Login with your university credentials.
4. Click on "Call Forwarding" in the menu on the left.
5. Check the box in front of "Forward all calls to:".
6. In the drop down menu select the number, or "Add new number" and enter 0 followed by the number you want to forward to (the additional leading zero is necessary to enable calls to outside the university).
7. Click on "Save".
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