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......@@ -30,8 +30,7 @@ submitting the tool, perhaps useful as a checklist.
### Use search and consult the curation guide to resolve ambiguities
The guide is currently here:
The guide is currently [here](
It includes helpful and authoritative guidelines for almost all fields that you
can fill, including examples.
......@@ -91,11 +90,13 @@ platform, community _and_ collection. Remember to:
seems that you cannot easily search for tools by ELIXIR nodes
On top of that (but also if the tool is not related to ELIXIR) you add further collections:
- LCSB-BSD (for Biomedical Data Science group)
- LCSB-CBG (for Computational Biology gtoup)
- LCSB-BioCore
|Group | Collection |
| ---------------------: | --------------: |
|Biomedical Data Science | LCSB-BDS|
|Computational Biology | LCSB-CBG|
|Bioinformatics Core | LCSB-BioCore|
### Fill in the tool "Function" very verbosely
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