Commit 23ccf93e authored by Shaman Narayanasamy's avatar Shaman Narayanasamy
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Small change

parent 06086ba2
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ do
paste <(echo ${S}) <(echo IMP) <(tail -n1 $IMP_MGMT/gene_count.Prodigal.tsv) >> ${OUTFILE}
paste <(echo ${S}) <(echo IMP-megahit) <(tail -n1 $IMP_MEGAHIT/gene_count.Prodigal.tsv) >> ${OUTFILE}
paste <(echo ${S}) <(echo naive) <(tail -n1 $NAIVE/gene_count.Prodigal.tsv) >> ${OUTFILE}
paste <(echo ${S}) <(echo MOCAT_MGMT) <(tail -n1 $MOCAT_MGMT/gene_count.Prodigal.tsv) >> ${OUTFILE}
paste <(echo ${S}) <(echo MetAMOS_MGMT) <(tail -n1 $METAMOS_MGMT/gene_count.Prodigal.tsv) >> ${OUTFILE}
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