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New save state feature

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......@@ -4,8 +4,7 @@ import json
import logging
from typing import Tuple
from flask import Blueprint, session, request, jsonify
from flask.wrappers import Response
from flask import Blueprint, session, request, jsonify, Response
from import ETLHandler
from import create_data_schema
......@@ -15,7 +15,12 @@ class RedisSession(CallbackDict, SessionMixin):
def __init__(self, sid, initial=None):
if initial is None:
initial = {'data_tasks': [], 'analytic_tasks': [], 'subsets': []}
initial = {
'data_tasks': [],
'analytic_tasks': [],
'subsets': [],
'state_access': []
def on_update(self):
self.modified = True
"""The /state controller."""
import re
import json
import logging
from uuid import UUID, uuid4
from typing import Tuple
from flask import Blueprint, jsonify, Response, request, session
from fractalis import redis
from fractalis.validator import validate_json
from import AnalyticTask
from import ETLHandler
from import get_data_state_for_task_id
state_blueprint = Blueprint('state_blueprint', __name__)
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
@state_blueprint.route('', methods=['POST'])
def save_state() -> Tuple[Response, int]:
"""Save given payload to redis, so it can be accessed later on.
:return: UUID linked to the saved state.
logger.debug("Received POST request on /state.")
payload = request.get_json(force=True)
uuid = uuid4()
redis.set(name='state:{}'.format(uuid), value=payload)
logger.debug("Successfully saved data to redis. Sending response.")
return jsonify({'state_id': uuid}), 201
@state_blueprint.route('/<uuid:state_id>', methods=['POST'])
def request_state_access(state_id: UUID) -> Tuple[Response, int]:
"""Traverse through the state object linked to the given UUID and look for
data ids. Then attempt to load the data into the current session to verify
:param state_id: The id associated with the saved state.
:return: See redirect target.
logger.debug("Received POST request on /state/<uuid:state_id>.")
wait = request.args.get('wait') == '1'
payload = request.get_json(force=True)
value = redis.get('state:{}'.format(state_id))
if not value:
error = "Could not find state associated with id {}".format(state_id)
return jsonify({'error': error}), 404
descriptors = []
for match in re.findall('\$.+?\$', value):
task_id = AnalyticTask.parse_value(match)
data = redis.get('data:{}'.format(task_id))
except KeyError:
error = "The given payload cannot be saved. One of more task " \
"objects identified by the surrounding $ character is " \
"either a) not a valid ETL task or " \
"b) the corresponding ETL taskhas been deleted."
return jsonify({'error': error}), 400
etl_handler = ETLHandler.factory(handler=payload['handler'],
task_ids = etl_handler.handle(descriptors=payload['descriptors'],
session['data_tasks'] += task_ids
session['data_tasks'] = list(set(session['data_tasks']))
# if all task finish successfully we now that session has access to state
session['state_access'][state_id] = task_ids
logger.debug("Tasks successfully submitted. Sending response.")
return jsonify(''), 201
@state_blueprint.route('/<uuid:state_id>', methods=['GET'])
def get_state_data(state_id: UUID) -> Tuple[Response, int]:
"""Check whether every ETL linked to the state_id successfully executed for
this session. If and only if every ETL successfully completed grant access
to the state information.
:param state_id: ID of the state that is requested.
:return: Previously saved state.
logger.debug("Received GET request on /state/<uuid:state_id>.")
wait = request.args.get('wait') == '1'
for task_id in session['state_access'][state_id]:
data_state = get_data_state_for_task_id(task_id=task_id, wait=wait)
if (data_state['etl_state'] == 'PENDING' or
data_state['etl_state'] == 'SUBMITTED'):
return jsonify({'message': 'ETLs are still running.'}), 200
elif data_state['etl_state'] == 'SUCCESS':
error = "One or more ETLs failed or has unknown status. " \
"Assuming no access to saved state."
return jsonify({'error': error}), 403
state = json.loads(redis.get('state:{}'.format(state_id)))
return jsonify({'state': state}), 200
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