Fractalis Demo Page

This page is for demonstration and educational purpose only!

Do Don't
Get an idea about what functionality Fractalis offers Attempt to use this page for analysing your own data
Learn about the API of the front-end library Copy the code 1:1 into your own application
Go here to learn how to add support for your own service Wait for someone else to do it. It's really simple!
Ask questions: Contact Be shy!

What you can do on this page

You have come here to see what Fractalis can do, so we prepared the TCGA - COAD study for you to experiment with the available analytics. The two groups that have been pre-selected are: early stage cancer vs. late stage cancer. We recommend you have a look at the videos here to learn how these tools are used.

To get started

1. Select chart(s):

2. Set zoom level:

3. Prepare cache

4. Select variables in the control panel on the right ->