Fractalis Demo Page

This page is for demonstration and educational purpose only!
Fractalis is not meant to be used alone.
Please refer to to find supported platforms or add support for your own.

What you can do on this page

Albeit the warning above, you have come here to see what Fractalis can do. Fair enough.
We prepared the TCGA - COAD study for you to experiment with the available analytics.
There is no interface to select subsets (remember the warning?), so we pre-selected two subsets for you: early stage cancer vs late stage cancer.

To get started

1. Add one or more charts you want to see.
2. You will see a control panel on the right without variables, because no data have been loaded yet.
3. Click the "Prepare analysis cache" button and watch how variables become available.
4. Select parameters and variables to create several charts.