Commit c0da7bf3 authored by Sascha Herzinger's avatar Sascha Herzinger
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Visual improvements

parent 27ce145a
...@@ -125,15 +125,14 @@ ...@@ -125,15 +125,14 @@
&[data-state="PENDING"] &[data-state="PENDING"]
animation: loadingColorCycle 2s infinite animation: loadingColorCycle 2s infinite
&[data-state="FAILURE"] &[data-state="FAILURE"]
color: #cc4040 color: #ff6565
.fjs-selected .fjs-selected
color: #00ffff color: #00ffff
.fjs-data-entry-body .fjs-data-entry-body
display: none display: none
padding: 1% padding: 1%
span > span
&[data-state="FAILURE"] color: #ff6565
color: #cc4040
.fjs-action-btns .fjs-action-btns
display: flex display: flex
flex-direction: row flex-direction: row
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