Commit a860acc0 authored by Valentina Galata's avatar Valentina Galata
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figures: diff layout for rgi figs

parent 95485d2e
......@@ -60,14 +60,14 @@ for(sname in names(TABS)){
# combine plots
FIGS_ALL_c <- Reduce("+", FIGS_c) + plot_layout(ncol=2)
FIGS_ALL_o <- Reduce("+", FIGS_o) + plot_layout(ncol=2)
FIGS_ALL_c <- Reduce("+", FIGS_c) + plot_layout(ncol=3)
FIGS_ALL_o <- Reduce("+", FIGS_o) + plot_layout(ncol=3)
pdf(snakemake@output$pdf_c, width=20, height=14)
pdf(snakemake@output$pdf_c, width=30, height=7)
pdf(snakemake@output$pdf_o, width=20, height=14)
pdf(snakemake@output$pdf_o, width=30, height=7)
\ No newline at end of file
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