Commit 95485d2e authored by Valentina Galata's avatar Valentina Galata
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report: gdb: metap stats: rm dupl set(...) in collect_metap_prots in (issue #97)

parent 88dfe576
......@@ -391,5 +391,5 @@ def collect_metap_prots(metap):
metap_prots = set(metap["Main Accession"])
# add: sec. accessions
for i in metap.index:
metap_prots.update(set(set(proc_metap_sec_accs(metap.loc[i,"Secondary Accessions"], False))))
metap_prots.update(set(proc_metap_sec_accs(metap.loc[i,"Secondary Accessions"], False)))
return metap_prots
\ No newline at end of file
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