Commit 8821d03f authored by Valentina Galata's avatar Valentina Galata
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archive: script for code archive (for paper, issue #127)

parent 3a04b60c
#!/bin/bash -l
# execute from base code directory
ARCHIVE="/scratch/users/vgalata/ONT_pilot_manuscript/code_archive/$(date +"%Y%m%d")"
mkdir -p "${ARCHIVE}"
# copy data
rsync -rtP --prune-empty-dirs --links --exclude=".git*" --exclude=".snakemake" --exclude="submodules" --exclude="*.pyc" . "${ARCHIVE}/" && \
cd "$(dirname ${ARCHIVE})" && \
tar -cvf - "$(basename ${ARCHIVE})" | pigz --best -p 1 > "$(basename ${ARCHIVE}).tar.gz"
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