Commit 76d42320 authored by Valentina Galata's avatar Valentina Galata
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workflow: annottaion: hmm/kegg: db file not required if not set (issue #127)

parent 9177187f
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ rule annotation_barrnap:
rule annotation_hmm_kegg:
faa=os.path.join(RESULTS_DIR, "annotation/prodigal/{rtype}/{tool}/proteins.faa"),
hmm=os.path.join(DB_DIR, config["hmm"]["kegg"])
hmm=[os.path.join(DB_DIR, config["hmm"]["kegg"])] if config["hmm"]["kegg"] else []
os.path.join(RESULTS_DIR, "annotation/hmm/kegg/{rtype}/{tool}/hmm.tblout")
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